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Tower cranes, or “city cranes”, belonging to our Sky Cranes ® range are designed to fulfill great tasks in the whole world. Some of our tower cranes build skyscrapers, while others are erected to construct overpasses or are employed in shipyards and harbors in the shipbuilding industry. They are steady and reliable cranes, with fast and accurate movements, thanks to powerful engines and high-quality inverters.

Tower cranes in the Sky Cranes ® series can be customized according to the job they are going to perform. A wide choice of power and load capacity versions is available, the crane cabin can be equipped with different amounts of control and comfort technology, and hydraulic raising cages can make your crane grow together with the building it is constructing. Also, base groups with one-use elements or with levelling bases and possibility of rail movement.

Given the versatility of these tower cranes and the diversity of situations in which they can be employed, it is always possible to supplement the structures that make up the crane by adding the necessary parts on a case-by-case basis.

As an option, the Tutor System is available: a continuous check of the crane status which keeps load, moment, base levelling and wind speed under control, reporting feedback on the radio remote screen or on the cabin monitor.

The assembly of Sky Cranes ® tower cranes is designed to be fast and does not need special tools or specific equipment. Tower joints use pins: fast and safe. Jib assembly can be carried out in two ways: completely assembled on the ground, including ropes and winches, and lifted as a whole; alternatively, if there is not enough space on the ground, it can be assembled on the crane one sector at a time.

Tower elements and counterjibs of Sky Cranes ® tower cranes are hot-galvanized as a standard. Jibs are painted in red and white sections for visibility purposes.

Maximum load up to 5,2 tons

Maximum load up to 5,2 tons

Maximum load up to 8,2 tons

Maximum load up to 10,2 tons