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Our self-erecting cranes are automatic machines, simple and fast to erect. Weights and overall dimensions are designed to make truck transportation easy and some models are also available as road version, with axles and devices for road transportation as trailer (availability varies by country).

Every model in our self-erectors range benefits from ASD system, which allows maintenance and assistance tasks while the crane is erected, decreasing cost and duration of any intervention procedure.

Our self-erectors are easy to use, thanks to inverters and electronic boards, which soften movements and reduce load swinging and structural stress to a minimum.

Safety on DALBE self-erecting cranes is furtherly ensured by sensors which check crane usage and warn the crane operator when the exploitation of crane capabilities reaches 90%.

On some of our models, the Tutor System is available as an optional, in addition to standard versions: a continuous check of the crane status which keeps load, moment, base levelling and wind speed under control, reporting feedback on the radio remote screen.

Hot-galvanized structure is a standard finish for our self-erecting cranes, while base groups are protected with epoxy primer and polyurethane enamel.

This, together with high-end mechanical components, ensures that every investment in a DALBE self-erector is surprisingly long-lasting.

Compact and super-maneuverable

Versatile and innovative, a small crane for big jobs

The ideal crane: shaped in a masterly way to match working needs

Technology and solutions for the best efficiency, three-mono-phase version also

Performing and innovative, a super-compact crane with high performances

Efficient and plentiful, three-mono-phase version also

Excellent machine: a great crane that can be truly said to be totally automatic