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DBLink 4.0: the obedient and smart cranes. The system makes the crane use easier and provide the remote server with updated information. New era for crane rental fleets management.

DBLink: the obedient cranes. The system makes the crane use easier and provides info about the status and safety of the machine.

Quick Load limiters Setting: a simple device that ensures perfect calibration of the load-limiting system.
In a single click.

Quick Moment Setting: simple and accurate system to calibrate and constantly check the moment curve.

SSM and anemometer (EN 14439 compliance).

We manufacture our cranes in our factory in Lonate Pozzolo, Italy.
Every mechanical processing, every assembly, every check and test is carried out by us inside our plant, through automatic machinery and instruments that make our production system one of the foremost in the world.

Design and development are of primary importance in our job. Here we know even the smallest screw in our cranes, and we follow them from the initial concept to after-sales service.
Continuous daily evolution of our products, step by step.

All Systems Down: engines and limit switches are located in the lower part of the crane. Assistance procedures are simpler, faster, and less expensive.

Hot-galvanizing treatment of structures, a standard, makes our cranes a long-lasting asset.
Base groups are finished with epoxy primer and polyurethane enamel, using our typical brilliant red, so that the crane will also look good.