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Dalbe DB 747 is a sturdy, technologically advanced and reliable machine.

It is a full-size self-erecting crane that can be truly said to be automatic, placement and calibration are simple and fast thanks to specifically developed solutions.


Thanks to its size, load capacity and performances it represents an alternative to city tower cranes reducing, however, the incidence of transport and assembly costs.


DB 747 benefits from the wide industrial and design know-how we developed both about great tower cranes and self-erecting ones.
We drew from our range of components for Sky ® series cranes and from our patents, systems and designs for self-erecting cranes.
That’s why DB 747 displays performances, features and systems that make it an excellent machine in the field of European production and, therefore, worldwide.


When in transport configuration, DB 747 weighs 25.9 t: 4 t can be easily removed thanks to two removable 2 t blocks, reducing the total crane weight down to 21.9 t. And its dimensions are suitable for regular transportation.


Design and development are of primary importance in our job.
Our technical office is an internal resource and works together with production departments: this ensures complete knowledge, control and development of the product.
The electrical system architecture of DB 747 includes the most advanced technological solutions and uses PLC integrated controls.